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Heal, love and resilience

Hi everyone,

Just a quick one, welcome to my mini blogs. I love writing in general as it is a great way for me to release my feeling and really see what it is that is coming up to the surface.

The first thing as a coach which is important is always to be aware of where i am and i believe in providing the right tools for my clients to do the same.

Healing is so important and many will try and side track it with things such as 'I don't mind' and letting it go. However we all have emotions as humans that need to be addressed rather than brushed off with'it's okay'. Indeed sometimes this carefree attitude is amazing it has got me through A LOT! Yet my growth was being hindered as i didn't understand the importance of managing my emotions.

Another key area i work on is managing our emotions, embracing them, being creative with them to manifest, develop and grow something new.

Love is the key and so often we can be brutal to ourselves and really it is about being kinder. That gentle nature that allows us to breathe. To take in the moment, to appreciate who we are without criticism and share ourselves flaws and all... yet our so-called flaws are perfect where they are in that moment. If we want to change them - we must water our soil nourish ourselves to blossom and that is where i step in. We are about to create and entire garden of beauty and weeding. Pricks by a rose thorn stubborn weeds that want to keep their root. Together we are going to coach, love and move out of the face of resilience to change and move mountains within ourselves.

My love to you xxx

Dana - you catch me on Instagram @thedanashow or hit me up on here!

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