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Honey in the air! Recipe for Apple Honey Tea

How wonderful it is to be in the countryside...busy days, overworked and you are just feeling tired. Well enjoy this recipe for the outdoors, with none other than some Jesus Honey!

– Apple Tea with a dash of honey!

This hot tea is stunning for those Autumn and Winter evenings.

Let's get started! Grab yourselves two cups of water, apple juice, and some Jesus honey, ensure you combine the two and add a generous amount of honey to suit your taste buds!

Bring the mixture to a boil. Add your choice of tea bag and allow it to steep for around seven minutes. Serve the drink and enjoy! Honey tea bliss, Christmas drinks anyone?!

Come back and tag us in your photos and videos! Have a little fun and see who makes the best in your household...A great one to blindfold and get the chef of the house to taste them all!

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